Please be advised that while the application forms are currently being updated to reflect the below fees, these have already been implemented as of April 2018:

Service Adult (£) Child (£)  Approx. Processing Times
First Issue/Renewal of Passport 110 100  

8 weeks minimum


Damaged/Lost/Stolen/Mutilated Passport Renewal  135 105  

6-8 weeks minimum


Temporary Passport 100 100 6-8 weeks minimum


Nationality by Descent 125 125  

3 months minimum


Replacement of Nationality Certificate (regular, lost document/certificate, damaged, transfer from parents, memo or letter)

125 125 3 months minimum


Renunciation of Belizean Citizenship 135 135  

6-8 weeks minimum


*Single Entry Visa 60 60  

1 month minimum

*Additional fees may apply for certain nationals.  Please check with the Consular Services to confirm this requirement.


*Multiple Entry Visa 110 110  

1 month minimum

*Additional fees may apply for certain nationals. Please check with the Consular Services to confirm this requirement.


Legalisation of Documents 25 per document (Free for students) Within 1 day

: Fees are payable 
in Pound Sterling (£) only. Cash, UK Postal Order or via cheque from a UK accredited bank only. 

Travellers/Personal Cheques, Bank Transfers and/or other currencies will not be accepted.  Timeline guidelines are based on all documents being complete and accurate at the time of application. 

All applicants, especially those traveling to the UK from abroad, must secure an appointment with the consular office before making travel plans.

Before booking an appointment, all documents must be scanned to for the Consular Officer to review and then contact you to discuss.

Please submit 2 photocopies of all documents for:

  • Application/replacement/transfer  for Nationality Certificate
  • Application/renewal for passport applications
  • Registration for Nationality by Descent
  • Renunciation
  • Single visa entry or multiple visa entries
  • Legalisation of documents

Original documents used for ID purposes must be submitted. No photocopies of IDs will be accepted without original documents.

All Belizean documents (such as birth certificate, deed poll, marriage certificate, etc…) can only be accepted if issued by Vital Statistics Unit.

Failure to produce all required documentation could result in the rejection of your application.

Once documents are ready for collection applications must either receive their documents in person or should make their own arrangements for courier pick-up of their own documents.