Belize Passport Application Checklists (Click to Open File)

  1. First Issue (Adult) Save
  2. First Issue (Minor)
  3. Renewal (Adult)
  4. Renewal (Minor)
  5. Temporary (Adult)
  6. Temporary (Minor)
  7. Damaged (Adult)
  8. Damaged (Minor)
  9. Lost/Stolen/Mutilated (Adult)
  10. Lost/Stolen/Mutilated (Minor)

How to Apply

Due to COVID-19, new procedures for the acceptance of applications have been implemented. It is a four step process:

1)  Vetting process.

2) Prepayment process. All fees are non-refundable.

3) Courier of documentation.

4) After documents are received by the Consular Officer and all documents are correct, then an appointment for the capture of biometrics will be arranged. 

The vetting process will be the first of four steps, so it is important that all steps be followed. 

In order for the application process to be accepted you must scan and email all documents for vetting to  After you complete the application process kindly send us all documents in a file Subject:  “Complete passport application for vetting.”

Please take into account that the response time for vetting applications is between 3-4 business days. The Belize High Commission hereby underscores the need for the application package to be complete. The Belize High Commission’s  personnel are unable to accept a package unless it is complete and as requested by the Department of Immigration of Belize.

If application is deemed complete, then the applicant will receive a confirmation email, with the next steps to follow.


  • Laminated original nationality certificates are considered damaged and will not be accepted. A request for replacement must be made before starting the passport application process. See relevant section for further information.
  • Passport extension are no longer possible. Applicants must apply for Temporary Passports.
  • Applicants travelling to the United Kingdom for an appointment are required to have a passport with at least six (6) months validity from the date of intended travel.
  • Applicants travelling to the United Kingdom must check with Foreign and Commonwealth Office to make sure they adhere to the travel advisories and quarantine protocols.


Passport Application Forms

Form 6 – Damaged/Lost/Stolen/Mutilated

Recommender Forms must  be signed and stamped by any of the following professionals:

  • Registered medical practitioner
    • Medical doctor
  • Registered legal practitioner
    • Solicitor
    • Notary Public or
    • Attorney at Law


Two (2) identical photographs (taken within the last three (3) months), taken front face with the hairline and ears fully visible must be submitted.

Each photograph must measure 2 inches by 2 inches.

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One (1) photo is to be certified by the same recommender who completed the Recommender Form (3A or 4A). The reverse of the photo should read, I certify that this is a true likeness of [Insert Full Name of Applicant].”

The recommender’s signature, stamp and date are required on the photo. The business card of the recommender is also required.