Prior to making the arrangements, please ensure that you have confirmation from the Belize High Commission that your documents are ready for pickup or, that we are to expect delivery of your documents.  All original documents submitted, including expired passports, will be returned to you.


     1.   Collect your documents in person at the Belize High Commission.

     2.   Book a courier of your choice

             Please ensure that you:

    • Include your full delivery address inclusive of country and any postal codes.
    • Send us the the airway bill via the online form which can be printed and attached to your package prior to when the courier collects it.

    3.  Have a proxy collect the documents on your behalf

           If someone  is collecting on your behalf (a proxy), you will need to email us  with:

    • The name of the person authorized to collect your documents
    • A copy of the person’s photo ID.

     Please ensure that the person brings a copy of the authorization and a photo ID when they come to collect your documents. 

    4.  Send/collect your application by using Royal Mail Special Delivery (available only within the United Kingdom)

         Parcel Collect: Book A Parcel Collection | Royal Mail Group Ltd  

    5.   Send to the Belize High Commission – a pre-paid envelope self-addressed Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope (up to 500 grams and 8 inches by 10 inches.) (available only within the United Kingdom)

            The collection address: Consular Services at The Belize High Commission, Third Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP.

             Please notify us via the online form and include the relevant supporting documents in order that we may process the return of your documents.