The new Belize e-Passport allows for efficient processing through modern border management systems. The e-passport includes an electronic chip to safeguard the user’s personal information and photograph as well as a verification feature for use at smart gates at international borders.

Applications for Belize passports for Belizean citizens are accepted at the Belize High Commission then forwarded to the Department of Immigration and Nationality in Belize for processing. All E-passport applications require a visit in person to capture the person’s biometrics into the new passport system installed in 2022.


It is recommended to start the application process a minimum of 10 months prior to expiration of your current passport as all completed applications are forwarded to the Department of Immigration and Nationality in Belize for final processing.  The process may take up to 16 weeks before the new passport is returned to our office for you to collect. There is no expedited service available at foreign missions.

If you are travelling to the United Kingdom on your Belize passport, please note that the entry requirements of many countries state that the passport be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival. If you are using your Belize passport to return to your country of residence, the Belize passport that you are renewing then has to be couriered back to the Belize High Commission in order to begin processing your new application.


A completed copy of the application form must be submitted to the Belize High Commission along with copies of ALL supporting documents including proof of payment. The required documentation may vary dependent upon the applicant.   Please use the checklist provided to determine what documents you will need and ensure that all documents are attached in one online form.

This vetting process is to ensure that you have all the required documentation prior to incurring expenses for travel to London as incomplete applications cannot be processed.

There is one application form for:

  • First Issue passport
  • Replacement of current Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) passport with Electronic passport (E Passport)
  • Renewal of E-Passport
  • Replacement of lost/damaged passport

Biometric appointments are available once your documentation has been vetted and confirmation provided that your documents are in order. Appointments are necessary and walk in’s are not accepted. The signed original of the application and all supporting documents are to be presented at your biometric appointment and all documentation is then forwarded to Belize for the processing.

When your new passport is returned to our office you will be notified for collection in person or by courier.


  • Belize’s official language is English, and all documents provided MUST either be in English or be accompanied by a certified English translation of that document.
  • Laminated documents cannot be accepted.
  • Fees charged at Belize’s foreign missions include administrative expenses and vary from fees charged in Belize.
  • Expedited Services are only available for applications made in Belize at the Department of Immigration and Nationality.

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