The Belize High Commission exists to represent the interests of the Government and people of Belize in the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland. These interests are bilateral, regional and multilateral in scope as the High Commission also is responsible for Belize’s membership obligations to London-based organizations such as the Commonwealth Secretariat, International Maritime Organization, and the International Sugar Organization. Other primary fields of interest are Trade & Commerce and Tourism Promotion.

However, a foremost priority that is also one of the main objectives of Belizean Foreign Policy on a whole is the preservation and promotion of Belize’s Territorial Sovereignty within the International Community as it relates specifically to the country’s ongoing efforts to resolve the issue of Guatemala’s unfounded claim to Belizean territory.

The Belize High Commission is also charged with carrying out and managing Consular Services to the UK, wider European, Middle East and African regions as well as maintaining contact with and assisting where possible the Belizean Diaspora in these regions. Specific Consular Services offered at the High Commission include:

                  (i) Passport Renewal

                  (ii) Visas

                 (iii) Issuance of Certificates of Nationality by Descent

                 (iv) Facilitation of Replacement of Certificates of Nationality issued at the Department of Immigration & Nationality Services (DINS) in Belize

                 (v) Legalisation of Belizean-issued certified/apostilled documents

In short, our role can largely be summed up into three main objectives:  (i) Promoting Belize’s Territorial Sovereignty; (ii) Preserving Belize’s international interests as a Small State while contributing to shared global goals; and (iii) Positioning its economy as a preferred foreign investment destination in Central America and the Caribbean.