Belize is fully committed to the responsible management and development of our natural and cultural heritage. Our visitors enjoy positive experiences that have low impacts on the environment and local cultures.

Since declaring independence in 1981, Belize has enacted many environmental protection laws aimed at the preservation of the country’s natural and cultural heritage, as well as its wealth of natural resources. These acts have established a number of different types of protected areas, with each category having its own set of regulations dictating public access, resource extraction, land use and ownership.

Sustainable Tourism

When it comes to tourism, Belize has a very special history. Two decades ago, Belize hosted the first ever World Congress on Tourism and the Environment, which helped to give birth to modern day eco-tourism. It was in Belize that the world gathered to discuss the issues of tourism and protection of cultural and natural heritage – today what is popularly know as sustainable tourism; travel that helps to protect biodiversity, and improve the livelihoods of local people in tourism destinations around the world.