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Due To the UK Government implementing a new lockdown for the United Kingdom to try to bring COVID-19 under control, the staff of the Belize High Commission will only be working remotely per the instructions from the UK Government.

Please do not post any documents to the Mission during the new lockdown. The Belize High Commission cannot be held responsible for missing documents. 

All Consular Matter queries can be emailed to

Other queries can be emailed to

Due to COVID-19, new procedures for the acceptance of applications have been implemented. 

1)  Vetting process.  In order for the application process to be accepted, you must scan and email all documents for vetting to

After you complete the application process kindly send us all documents in a file Subject:  “Complete passport application for vetting” or “Complete nationality application for vetting”.

2) Prepayment process. All fees are non-refundable.

3) Courier of documentation (this step can only be carried out once the applicant receives an email from the Consular Services Officer with instructions to follow).

4) After documents are received by the Consular Services Officer and all documents are deemed correct, the applicant will: 

– In the case of a passport application, an appointment will be provided to capture biometrics. 

– In the case of a nationality application, the applicant will receive a confirmation email that the documents are correct and ready for onward processing. 

Please take into account that the response time for vetting applications is between 3-4 business days (Monday-Friday). Please take into account that the Mission is closed to the public on UK and Belizean holidays.

The Belize High Commission hereby underscores the need for the application package to be complete. The Belize High Commission’s personnel are unable to accept a package unless it is complete and as requested by the Department of Immigration of Belize.

Message from the Prime Minister of Belize
Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow

Dear Friends of Belize,
It is a privilege to welcome you to Belize. Each year more and more visitors from across the globe visit our beautiful country.

Visitors to Belize have a choice of three destinations in one: magnificent beaches and teeming reefs of the Caribbean, lush tropical rain forests of Central America, and the breath-taking temples of the Mundo Maya.

These remarkable and unique attributes combine to make Belize irresistibly inviting. To complement these attractions, we are a people who love to share our country with visitors.The rich cultural diversity of Maya, Garifuna, Creole, Mestizo, Asian, Middle Eastern, European – a polyglot people of many ethnic roots but Belizeans all – welcomes you.

And on that note, I wish to thank those in the tourism community who work diligently, in season and out, to make Belize the leading destination it is. On behalf of the Government of Belize, I commend and thank the Belize Tourism Industry Association for its first work and achievements for Belize.

Rt. Hon Dean O. Barrow
Prime Minister and Minister Of Finance; Natural Resources


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