It is important to note that despite the PGIA airport opening from the 1st October 2020, Belize’s land border stations and seaports remain closed. Belizeans and Permanent Residents who are unable to transit the United States to enter Belize may enter via the Belize Northern and Western Border Stations. They must continue to email least 3 days in advance, their expected date of arrival and evidence of payment for the minimum of 7 days hotel quarantine.  

Travellers must also take into consideration that transportation from the border to the hotel will cost $100- $200 (is this US dollars) (dependent on the number of persons) payable to the service provider.  Belize dollars

Keep informed by downloading the travel health app and by visiting website.  

Most Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do I need to take a PCR test prior to arrival to enable me to go straight home? A PCR test within 72 hours of travel to Belize, this will assist you with monitoring of your health.  If you are not able to, you will be administered a rapid test on arrival.  The price is US$50. 

Can I come home for less than the 10 days mandatory quarantine period? Yes, but if you come home for under 10 days and are found to be out in the community you will be subject to a fine of $5000 or jail. The public health risk is serious so you would only be allowed to stay in your home with limited contact with others in the same space, and no access in person to restaurants, bars, offices, banks or other public spaces.  

What does mandatory self-isolation mean? It means you must stay HOME for 10 days. No friends or family can visit. If you are sharing a residence you MUST, for your family’s safety and your own, regularly wipe down all shared surfaces with disinfectant/diluted clorox. You must wear a mask and stay as far away from others in the home as possible. No hugging. No physical contact. Try to maintain 6 ft of distance if possible. Try to remain in a contained area of the house – a room or curtained-off area for the 10 days.  

How long must I remain in self-isolation at home if I tested negative on arrival? 10 days  

How long must I remain in hotel quarantine if I tested positive on arrival? You will remain in hotel quarantine until you receive two (2) consecutive negative PCR test results.  The period varies from 2 weeks to approximately 6 weeks. 

I cannot afford hotel quarantine, where will I be quarantined if necessary? If you cannot meet the quarantine costs the only option will be to go to the state provided D’Silva Quarantine Centre at Mountain Pine Ridge. Ministry of National Security will provide transportation to and from D’Silva QC.